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What is the value of Preview Handlers? Why would I want to enable them?

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Well, FileSeek documentation doesn't give an example of how preview panel is supposed to look if preview handler is enabled. I don't see anything in there regardless if I enable or disable preview handlers. What am I supposed to see in that lower right corner panel? Can you give us a screenshot from your computer as example?
Sep 28, 2017  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
They're somewhat useful for PDF files, and a few other formats, but the problem is that there aren't really many preview handlers available, as they're third party products. For example, you can install the Foxit PDF Preview Handler: Then, when you click a PDF file in the search results, it should show a preview of the PDF in the lower-right pane.

There's also a preview pack that has handlers for some code file types:
Sep 29, 2017  • #2
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