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Results display area

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Would like to select columns displayed. I like the last sort maintained when reopened. Strangely, I'm noticing Modified is often earlier date/time stamp than Date Created/Accessed. Typically, I want just one Date column, modified or accessed...

Once set for regular searches, is would be a nice feature to be able to size the area up the tabs and display results area.
Perhaps up ^ v arrow to min/maximize. When searching for filenames, I find myself opening and only changing the "include files" area, so if that area was still displayed at top when minimized even better. I don't need that much length. Explorer search box (ESB) width is generally ok, and I like the drop window for history, use of qualifiers like "name: xxx" but really like your operator options, the microsoft ESB is not intuitive or functional.

When I need the query, search within files, I wouldn't mind the larger area opened.

Fileseek is fast and one of the best search tools I've found, and I don't know how I did without it.

The query search within file types is so much faster than Windows ESB, with or without Windows search index.

With prevalence of NAS, shared block, file object, leveraging underlying integration going forward, and speed (multithread option controls for background optimization), your product will continue to be on my highly recommended list.
Feb 2, 2015  • #1
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Keep the 3 date columns, and columns displayed are fine. Uploading attached example of where MS file dates are confirmed in explorer, but I'm not understanding why Modified is before Date Created. I've used various copy programs for the NAS (Robocopy, others), and not sure if this in an anomaly. Occuring with many hundreds of older files copied to my NAS. All 3 Dates are better to choose from with this anomaly; definitely not an issue with FileSeek Pro.
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Feb 2, 2015  • #2
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Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you like FileSeek! I've added your request for an option to shrink the tabs area down. If we're able to implement that in a future version, I'll definitely let you know.

Regarding the date stamps, some network copy stuff will mess with the date stamps in different ways. My guess would be that it kept the Modified date intact but didn't do anything with the Created date, so when the files got moved to the NAS, the NAS just gave them the current date/time as the created date.
Feb 2, 2015  • #3
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Robocopy has been my "go to" app over the years for this kind of thing for a long time. I've used it to move hundreds of TB over the years from server to server for migrations as well as quick&dirty backups. With later versions of windows, you don't need to download and install, it's baked into the OS.

I almost always start Robocopy from the newer server (it takes advantage of all the improvements in the system architecture and has the broadest file system support) and use it in multi-threaded fashion to transfer files. I would take a look at the data you're trying to move and break it into manageable segments and use Robocopy to replicate that data. The nice thing about this is you can replicate the data in waves while the old system is still in production so you can have an almost complete copy on the new server before you begin the take-down of the old server. You can test permissions, data, etc in advance. When you do take down the old server, you'll only have a small replication run to do.

I would also make sure you take advantage of the logging so you can find the files that don't transfer over, possibly because they're locked by an application and make sure they replicate when the old system is no longer enabled to the public.
Dec 11, 2017  • #4
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