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Include Files Behavior Enhancement, Please!

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I use FileSeek often. The most frustrating behavior in 1.9.6 is that if I clear the Query field so it is empty but "Show Filenames that match the Query Text" is selected (from the last time I used the program), I get no hits. One might say that this is operator error, but the requirement of changing the drop down interferes with easy work flow.

I suggest that if the Query field is empty, that you disable (or hide) the first drop down and automatically only show just file name matches. Pleeeeeesssseeeee!!!! :angel: You can probably use EN_UPDATE or EN_CHANGE notifications to determine whether there are any characters in the Query field and auto-magically control the state of the drop down. That way, if the operator types something in the field, boom, you get options. If the operator clears the field (moi), boom, it goes to a straight match files in the include files list.

[sub]PS: Forgive the booms. I heard Steve Jobs does it and I decided to try it out.[/sub]
Apr 22, 2010  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
This is something I have been thinking about as well. I frequently use FileSeek to find directories using the "include files" filter, and it can get a bit tedious switching back and forth. I will update the next release to automatically select show file / folder name matches when the query field is left blank. :)
Apr 23, 2010  • #2
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