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Ideas for improvement

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- change the Tools menu to a button (will save 36 pixels)
- move the browse and search buttons to the right (will save about 100 pixels)
- merge the three status bars into one (save another 80 pixels)
- move the "More Options" controls onto the main screen (you have enough space now)
- make it quick and easy to enter dates and times (currently it is super fiddly and uses AM PM)
(it only takes 3 mouse clicks to specify a nearby date and time if UI is designed properly)
- include the concept of named search profiles with a non-fiddly method of selecting them
the workflow should be: (profiles) (one click) (profile) (one click) type query (enter)
- change the browse UI to a proper file dialog including explorer favorites and a textbox
(nobody wants to fiddle with a tree view in 2013!)
- consider adding a "parent folder name" column to the list view
- it is not "lightning fast" it is about 5 times slower than it should be, update the UI less
- an option to specify datetime format would be good, NTFS has 100 nanosecond resolution after all
- consider keyboard shortcut F3 > Query textbox
- consider fixing the common mousewheel focus bug - mousewheel should affect control under mousepointer, not control with keyboard focus!
- consider autosizing the listbox columns
still puts up a very good fight against FileSearchEx
Feb 18, 2013 (modified Feb 18, 2013)  • #1
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We are working on a new version, FileSeek 3.0, which takes many of your suggestions into consideration already. We have re-designed the main search UI, including profiles and a few extra goodies as well. We should have a public beta available for testing within the next few weeks, stay tuned!
Feb 19, 2013  • #2
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