FileSeek v1.2 Released

It has been 5 long winter months since the last FileSeek release, but v1.2 is finally here. This release brings some much needed features and has turned into the only search application that I rely on to find things on my computer. FileSeek is lightning fast and supports Regular Expression matching to perform more complex searches. With FileSeek you can specify a list of patterns to include in the search, and a list of patterns to exclude. For example, you can include "*.jpg|*.gif|*.png" and then exclude "test*.*". This will include those 3 image filetypes, but it will ignore any files that start with "test". Pretty neat, eh?


I urge everyone who is running an older version of FileSeek to download the new version today, and if you haven't tried FileSeek why not give it a try. You can either download an installer or an archive with only the .exe if you want to take it for a test drive before installing. Happy searching!

Apr 15, 2008  • #1
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