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FileSeek quirks

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Don W
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I really like FS but I've encountered a few quirks while using it. Has anyone else experienced the following?:
- matches listed twice (see attached screen shot)
- blank tab (see attached screen shot)
- tab that's partially blank or has garbled button text (was not able to get a screen shot)

In addition, on Windows 7 (I know...I don't have a choice to use Win 10):
- when I set "minimize to system tray" and "close to system tray", if I right click and open FS using the context menu on a folder, FS doesn't open; instead, when I subsequently open FS manually from the system tray there is a new tab but it's not for the folder on which I right clicked
- with only "minimize to tray" set, FS opens but the tab is blank
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FileSeek - blank tab.png
FileSeek - blank tab.png
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FileSeek - duplicate search results.jpg
FileSeek - duplicate search results.jpg
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Hello! I'll try to help out here :)

Matches listed twice: On the Advanced tab, if you enable "Only show first result for each file" that should prevent this from happening.

Blank tab: I can't seem to reproduce this here, could you send me the exact steps that will cause it to happen on your machine?

Minimize/close to tray: For this, do you have the "Force FileSeek to open only one instance" option enabled?
12 days ago  • #2
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