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FileSeek 3.0 Now Available!

We're very pleased to announce that FileSeek 3.0 is now available for download! This release sports a fully revamped user interface, more advanced text queries, language translations, and an all new Pro version that includes new features such as Search Profiles that can be synchronized between computers.

FileSeek 3.0 Highlights

  • Fully revamped user interface
  • Search Profiles for saving searches that can be synchronized across computers with FileSeek Online (Pro Only)
  • Run multiple searches in separate tabs (Pro Only)
  • Export search results to CSV or HTML (Pro Only)
  • More command line parameters
  • User interface now supports translations into other languages
  • Advanced text query syntax for searching file contents
  • Configurable default double-click behaviour for search results
  • Optionally show more preview lines when searching file contents (Pro Only)
  • Search results can be dragged from FileSeek window into other applications
  • Support for searching and deleting long file paths (> 260 characters)
  • Many other bug fixes, performance, and stability improvements

For the full list of changes, please see the Change Log.

Free vs. Pro

All of the existing features from the previous version of FileSeek (2.1.3) will remain completely free to use in FileSeek 3.0 and higher. Some of the new features we've added (listed in the highlights above) are available only in FileSeek Pro, and if you'd like to try them out first, FileSeek comes with a free 30-day trial key on the first installation.

If you currently have FileSeek 2.1.3 installed, you should also get an automatic 30-day trial of FileSeek Pro when updating to 3.0. If not, please don't hesitate to ask us for a new 30-day trial key!

Updating FileSeek

We encourage everyone to update to the new version today. We'd like to send out a big thank you to everyone who helped beta test FileSeek 3.0, and to the translators who worked hard to make FileSeek available in their native languages!


Main FileSeek Search Tab
Main FileSeek Search Tab
Search Profiles Menu
Search Profiles Menu
Context Menu for Search Results
Context Menu for Search Results
Apr 26, 2013  • #1
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