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FileSeek 1.9.3 Released!

After only 2 short weeks after the FileSeek 1.9.2 release I have decided to release a new version with a few minor changes. I received quite a bit of feedback regarding the changes to the file/folder name matching. In version 1.9.2 I added the ability to toggle file/folder name matches by query text or the "include files" filter. This added some long-needed and much requested flexibility, but it also added some complexity. I decided to put those options in the Settings window, not realizing how often people would need to toggle it. After some thought I have moved these options onto the main search window in the form of a dropdown list with 4 different options. This should make it easier for everyone to toggle these settings for each search, without adding too much interface clutter on the main window. I'd like to send out a big thanks to everyone who send me feedback and helped to design this new version. Thanks everyone!

FileSeek: Main Window
Feb 4, 2010  • #1
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