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FileSeek 1.8.1 Released

I am very happy to announce the release of FileSeek 1.8.1! A few issues made it into the 1.8 release, so this release is a minor release to take care of those things. These issues have been around since version 1.5, when the filename matching was added. Here are the things that are fixed/changed in this release:

  • Folder name matches are now displayed similar to filename matches (matched folder name in the "File" column, with the base path in the "Path" column
  • Folder name matches will only occur in the last part of the path, not the complete path (reduces false-positives)
  • Folder names aren't incorrectly matched when the Query box is left blank
  • File and Folder name matches both now use the "Regular expression query" setting

As always, you can view the complete change log if you would like all the details. If you have auto-update enabled you will be notified the next time you start FileSeek, otherwise just head over to the FileSeek page and download it today!

Jul 18, 2009  • #1
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