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feature option/request: auto-refresh results ?

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Is there a present setting for an option that allows for the open search results to auto-refresh, as to reflect real-time changes, per folder monitoring?

The feature:
i use FreeCommander XE (in place of Windohs Explorer) and it has this nifty feature as an option that keeps opened folders' file changes i.e. new entries, name changes, refreshed automatically. It has me a bit addicted to the feature. :D

A working example where this impacts me:
i often have numerous similar scenic photos in my libraries that's subtleties are categorically distinguished by merely the ending numbers+letters in the file names e.g. "subjectnamehere022ba.jpg".
Upon preparing to add the latest entries/additions, i use fileseek to find where i left off last in the naming scheme. Often later, after having moved to several other different subject entries that didn't require usage of fileseek, i'll have another entry for the subject still in my open fileseek results. But of course they're not the latest entries and i more often than not don't recall where i left off (thank you, dyslexia). Of course, another click of the "Search" button, again returns the list up to date --but then requiring a scroll back down to the last entry; requiring an additional click to use the Name column sort reversal feature [see notation at end]. Where if, again like with FreeCommander, the list auto-refreshed/updated, i'd immediately be where i'd left off.

Hope that communicates what i'm inquiring about?
If it's not presently an option, i'd suggest it for future feature inclusion.
And again, "thanks!" for the consideration & the nifty fileseek!

* speaking of clicking the File Name column header to invert order, (in v5.1) i'm having to click it twice in order to get it (back) to the top of the list alphabetically.
normally, the column first shows the up ^ arrow, and when i click it, it shows the down v arrow --except when i click it with the down arrow, it subsequently shows neither arrow and doesn't reverse the list, but upon another click, then shows the up arrow & sorts accordingly.
(lemme know if you need/prefer this in a separate post?)
Sep 16, 2016  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
I've added that to our feature request list, thanks!

Regarding the column sorting, that third click (that removes the arrow) is used when sorting by multiple columns. If you hold Shift when clicking another column, you can sort by that column in addition to the first column, so the removal of the arrow is there so that you can remove a column from sorting in a situation where you're sorting by two or more columns. Hope that makes sense!
Sep 19, 2016  • #2
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11 discussion posts
ref: column sorting feature

Very kewel feature! Thanks for introducing me to it; i certainly see where it could be quite productive to have as an option.
Sep 22, 2016  • #3
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