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Lightning Fast File Search

FileSeek is an easy-to-use file search app that includes advanced functionality for power users! Search through files using simple queries or regular expressions. You can even sync your search settings between computers.

FileSeek: Lightning Fast File Search

Lightning Fast SearchingLightning Fast Searching

FileSeek uses multithreading technology to improve the speed of its searches, making it able to out-perform any Windows search. With no background search indexing, FileSeek will never affect the performance of your computer while closed.

Search ProfilesSearch Profiles

Improve your workload by saving your search criteria as a Search Profile. Save, load, or modify your most common searches to make your life easier.

Tabbed InterfaceTabbed Interface

With FileSeek’s tabbed search interface, there is no longer any need to wait for a search to be complete before starting a new one. You can start a search in another tab without opening another window, keeping your taskbar neat and tidy.

Advanced QueryingAdvanced Querying

Use FileSeek’s query language or regular expressions to search for specific information inside files or folders. Give up simple searching and unpredictable results, and start obtaining the information you need from your computer.

Sync Your SettingsSync Your Settings

Sync your Search Profiles between computers for easy access anywhere you are. Syncing is automatic and keeps your Search Profiles always up-to-date.

Search Result ActionsSearch Result Actions

Save search results in different formats for easy reference later, or perform common tasks such as copying, deleting, and dragging into other applications. Choose what you want FileSeek to do when you double-click on a search result by selecting from a number of pre-defined options and make your search experience entirely yours.
FileSeek: Lightning Fast File Search

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What Our Customers are Saying

Tomas V.

Tomas V.
I would like to say THANKS for application FileSeek Pro. I bought it few days ago and I am pleasantly surprised how well packed with features and options it is! It made my programming work way easier and I wish I knew about it earlier. Cheers to the development team!
-- Tomas V.

Patrick S.

Patrick S.
Since Microsoft completely broke the right-click search function in Windows, FileSeek is the ONLY decent search-in-files tool I have managed to find anywhere on the internet. Its great strength is that is simply does a brute force search, ignoring things like file attributes. This is exactly the behaviour you need as a software developer. Great stuff!
-- Patrick S.


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