What Our Customers are Saying

"Frustrated with Windows' built in search? Check out https://t.co/uLdBGUAouU by @BinaryFortress. A great, free, alternative. #asna #windows"
-- @ASNAinc, Apr 2017
"Since Microsoft completely broke the right-click search function in Windows, FileSeek is the ONLY decent search-in-files tool I have managed to find anywhere on the internet. Its great strength is that is simply does a brute force search, ignoring things like file attributes. This is exactly the behaviour you need as a software developer. Great stuff!"
-- Patrick S., Jun 2016
"FileSeek has helped me more times than I care to count. Totally, check it out."
-- @Soverance, Jul 2015
"Just wanted to say FileSeek is genius and amazing. Found what I was looking for very fast. I didn't think this was possible, to be so fast and precise, even when searching in file contents, and I am not a noob. Will buy it very soon. Thank you!"
-- Madalin M., Feb 2016