What Our Customers are Saying

"I would like to say THANKS for application FileSeek Pro. I bought it few days ago and I am pleasantly surprised how well packed with features and options it is! It made my programming work way easier and I wish I knew about it earlier. Cheers to the development team!"
-- Tomas V., Apr 2020
"Just saying thank you to the FileSeek team. It is a very nice product. As a coder myself, tools like this one make life so much easier. I am so glad you guys are making this available at such a reasonable price."
-- Louie G., Jul 2018
"I recently bought FileSeek Pro then ClipboardFusion. Very helpful for power users. So much of your ideas should have been implemented by Microsoft long ago. I'm happy that you help developers with your inexpensive jewel tools!"
-- Duane M., Aug 2018
"Frustrated with Windows' built in search? Check out https://t.co/uLdBGUAouU by @BinaryFortress. A great, free, alternative. #asna #windows"
-- @ASNAinc, Apr 2017
"Since Microsoft completely broke the right-click search function in Windows, FileSeek is the ONLY decent search-in-files tool I have managed to find anywhere on the internet. Its great strength is that is simply does a brute force search, ignoring things like file attributes. This is exactly the behaviour you need as a software developer. Great stuff!"
-- Patrick S., Jun 2016
"FileSeek has helped me more times than I care to count. Totally, check it out."
-- @Soverance, Jul 2015
"Just wanted to say FileSeek is genius and amazing. Found what I was looking for very fast. I didn't think this was possible, to be so fast and precise, even when searching in file contents, and I am not a noob. Will buy it very soon. Thank you!"
-- Madalin M., Feb 2016