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FileSeek Change Log

v4.4 • April 16, 2015

  • Great improvements to speed and responsiveness while running searches
  • Added a 'Cut' option to the results context menu
  • New command line parameter to start FileSeek with the "Query is RegEx" option enabled
  • Exporting to CSV will now use the correct culture specific list separator

v4.3 • March 27, 2015

  • Added a new tab to the Settings window that will allow users to view, enable, and disable preview handlers
  • Moved the advanced setting to disable preview handlers to the new Preview Handler tab in the Settings window
  • There is a new option in the Search settings that will allow users to export extra lines when saving search results to CSV and HTML
  • Added a new advanced setting: "Don't use icons in result list"
  • Huge memory usage improvements
  • FileSeek will no longer crash when trying to load corrupt preview handlers

v4.2 • March 4, 2015

  • FileSeek will now show a preview for some apps in a new preview window beside the results text box
  • Added an option to show a message if FileSeek finds an empty folder
  • Added an option to treat the Exclude Path field as a wildcard
  • FileSeek has a new advanced setting to allow you to turn previews off
  • FileSeek has a new advanced setting to allow you to set a custom file decoder
  • FileSeek has a new advanced setting to allow you to turn off the warning when you clear your search history
  • Resolved an issue where the folder browse dialog was not opening at the last selected path
  • Treat exclude path as wildcard option will now work correctly

v4.1.1 • February 5, 2015

  • Resolved an issue with the "treat query as one phrase" option

v4.1 • February 3, 2015

  • The context menu in Windows Explorer can now handle opening multiple files in one instance of FileSeek
  • You can now drag and drop files into the Include and Exclude files and paths text boxes to automatically append them
  • A new image preview area has been added to the results pane
  • FileSeek now searches root network paths correctly
  • Resolved an issue where the include files box gets cleared when opening FileSeek from the Explorer context menu
  • Resolved an issue where date filters were not saved correctly in search profiles

v4.0.1 • January 2, 2015

  • Fixed some minor issues

v4.0 • December 17, 2014

  • Added the ability to customize the date format used by FileSeek
  • FileSeek now searches through root folders before nested folders
  • Added a new search option to skip searching of hidden files and folders
  • Added a new search option to skip searching of system files and folders
  • Added a new search option to show an error when skipping hidden files and folders
  • Added a new search option to show an error when skipping system files and folders
  • FileSeek now shows the total size of all files it searched in the status bar
  • Default search profiles now start with the "Show folders that match include files" option set to off
  • FileSeek will now properly search through folders that contain more than 10,000 files and folders
  • Resolved an issue where FileSeek did not restore its position properly
  • Resolved an issue where FileSeek did not save search profiles properly
  • File Handler improvements

v3.3 • August 8, 2014

  • Added 2 new options to search for file/folders names only against the "include files" filter
  • No shows a warning if a searched PDF has no text
  • Added a "Permanently Delete Selected Files" option to the context menu
  • Improved UI control sizes for non-English languages
  • Big-5 file encoding improvements
  • Cyrillic file encoding improvements
  • Improvements with date filtering and AND/OR
  • Text query bug fixes (quoted phrases... etc)
  • Line breaks now works correctly in DOCX files (and others)
  • No more "index out of bounds" errors when searching inside some files

v3.2.1 • June 18, 2014

  • HTML export files now contain links to the files and folders
  • You can now change the behaviour of the Date Filters to AND or OR
  • Icons for "Other Application" in the Settings Window no longer disappear
  • Font scaling compatibility improvements

v3.2 • June 16, 2014

  • Improved the "Other Applications" tab in the Settings window
  • Added the option to minimize or close FileSeek to the system tray
  • Added an option to pass multiple files to the same instance, instead of opening multiple instances
  • Added an option to treat query text as one large search term
  • Added an option to skip a file being read after a certain number of seconds
  • Date filter "From" dates now are set to midnight instead of the current time
  • Added a command line option "-start", which executes a search as soon as FileSeek starts
  • Query tooltip will now change as you type in the query text field
  • Added an "Extension" column to the search results
  • The "File" column in the search results is now called "File Name"
  • New UI icons to make it more consistent with other Binary Fortress Software applications
  • Fixed an issue where the "Exclude Folder" filters were being ignored
  • Resolved an issue where the date filters were not set to the correct value
  • Massive performance improvements while searching

v3.1.4 • November 12, 2013

  • "Double-Click Action" drop-down was missing from the Settings window
  • "Growl for Windows" compatibility improvements

v3.1.3 • October 7, 2013

  • Added "Growl for Windows" integration (enabled by default if you have Growl for Windows installed)
  • Small performance and stability improvements

v3.1.2 • September 11, 2013

  • Exported HTML and CSV search results now show the start and end time
  • Minor UI error message improvements

v3.1.1 • July 19, 2013

  • Added an option to enable or disable tooltips
  • Added an option to always start FileSeek with a blank search profile
  • Added information from the status bar to exported HTML results
  • FileSeek now supports better font rendering for East Asian languages
  • Resolved an issue where the file handler names didn't properly load in the Settings window
  • File Handler processing for text files no longer ignores blank lines
  • Font scaling improvements
  • Text query improvements

v3.1 • June 6, 2013

  • Added the ability to filter within search results
  • The option to show more lines before and after a result in the preview pane is now avaliable per-search
  • Added new command line options
  • All file filters now have the option to search by a RegEx value
  • ToolTip display time has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Split the "show lines before/after" into 2 separate settings
  • All Language names are now capitalized
  • Folder results no longer get shown when minimum file size filter is set
  • Resolved an issue where copying text from the preview pane caused an error
  • Preview pane now correctly remembers it's size
  • Deleting long file paths now works correctly in all situations
  • Fixed an error that caused text copying to fail from the preview pane
  • Exclude Paths is now a wildcard by default

v3.0 • April 26, 2013

  • The FileSeek UI is now translated into other languages
  • Searches can now be opened in new tabs
  • Added Search Profiles for configuring and saving your searches for use later
  • Search Profiles can by sync'd between computers
  • Searches are now multi-threaded for better performance
  • Added support for long file paths (searching, querying, deleting)
  • Date Created is now shown in the search results
  • Date Accessed is now shown in the search results
  • Added more command line parameters
  • Search results can be dragged from the FileSeek window into other applications
  • Window title is now set to the current search parameters
  • You can now filter results by: Date Created, Date Modified, Date Accessed, File Size (minimum and maximum)
  • Added a more advanced query syntax for searching inside files
  • Added the ability to exclude folders from searches
  • The Windows context menu items now have the FileSeek icon
  • Added an option to show more preview lines for search results
  • Added the ability to export search results to CSV
  • Added the ability to export search results to HTML
  • Added an option to copy the folder names for search results
  • Added an option to configure the default double-click behaviour for search results
  • Added a "Pause" button for pausing searches
  • Added support for environment variables in the include/exclude paths field
  • Auto-updater now supports a single click update for FileSeek Pro users
  • Various UI and performance issues have been resolved
  • Sorting and searching in non-English languages is much improved
  • Resolved an issue that prevented accented characters from being properly matched
  • Resolved an issue that caused the enter key to open the selected search result twice
  • The "open" actions now support more than 1 file (you can open multiple result files now)
  • The folder browsing window has been updated to look more modern
  • Search results no longer appear in the wrong search tab when opening new searches quickly
  • Resolved a text highlighting issue related to whole-file searches

v2.1.3 • April 4, 2011

  • "Open with Other Application" now passes the correct line number when using a non-English locale
  • Menu colours where sometimes displayed incorrectly when a custom colour scheme was used in Windows

v2.1.2 • February 18, 2011

  • CTRL + A now selects all of the results
  • Fixed some stability and performance issues

v2.1.1 • January 15, 2011

  • File size filter is now separated into minimum and maximum, and now has a units selector (bytes, KB, MB, GB)
  • New 'Internet Connection Settings' window for configuring proxy settings more easily

v2.1 • January 1, 2011

  • Added a "Clear Search History" button in the Settings window
  • Improved file browser for selecting the custom file editing "other application"
  • Added more filtering options: date created, date modified, file size by clicking the "More Options" button