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FileSeek Other Application Settings

FileSeek Other Application Settings

These settings are used by FileSeek to open a search result in a specific application. You can use the provided parameters to force the application to scroll to the specific line number as well.

You can configure these settings in the FileSeek Settings window on the "Other Application" tab.

These are settings for some common applications, if you would like to see an application listed here please Contact Us.

Application Command Line
LEd Latex Editor "$file$:$line$"
Notepad++ -n$line$ "$file$"
PSPad "$file$" -$line$
Texmaker "$file$" -line $line$
TextPad "$file$"($line$)
UltraEdit "$file$/$line$"
EditPlus "$file$" -cursor $line$:1
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  • Search for text matches inside files
  • Search using Regular Expressions
  • Search folders and sub-folders
  • Match 1 or more file patterns
  • Exclude 1 or more file patterns
  • Filter results by date or size
  • Save Search Profiles
  • Sync Search Profiles with other computers
  • Never background indexes files
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